Jefferson Dollars for Scholars is dedicated to student success!


Jefferson Dollars for Scholars is a chapter of Scholarship America, the largest non-profit scholarship organization in the country. There are 500 chapters nation-wide.


Founded in 1993, Jefferson Dollars for Scholars is a local, grassroots organization that receives funding from grants, private businesses, as well as parents, friends and supporters. It is the only chapter in Louisiana. Our chapter has been nationally recognized three times for outstanding work and commitment.


In 2023, Jefferson Dollars for Scholars celebrated 30 years of service helping students with these key areas:

- College Scholarships

- Summer Enrichment Programs

- ACT & National Merit Test Preparation Courses

- Laptops for all College Scholarship Recipients


Jefferson Dollars for Scholars is best known for our college scholarship program that provides students with 4-year college scholarships. But did you know we also prepare K-8 students for post-secondary learning by sending them to Summer Enrichment Programs. They attend summer STEM, art, theater, music, robotics and nature studies camps citywide. Our National Merit Test Prep program prepares students for the National Merit Test. Also, our college scholarship recipients each receive a laptop.