School Drive

The annual School Drive is one of the most important campaigns for Jefferson Dollars for Scholars. Because of its importance to our organization and to the School System, the program has been renamed the School Drive to highlight our impact on the families of Jefferson Parish schools.

The School Drive is held all year long. Principals and teachers volunteer at each school were invited to two social hour events to kick-off the fundraising efforts.

Jefferson Parish public school students and employees are asked to contribute $1.00 or more through in-school fundraising activities.  Public schools throughout the parish will stage activities to raise money, including candy sales, fashion shows, and themed-parties. Some schools choose to dedicate an entire month or more to raise money!

Most students donate to the campaign through our official School Drive envelope. Each school has several School Drive posters to display around campus. Some schools have it on display in the office or where the parents pick up their children. We are thrilled to create an album for all the School Drive poster sightings! We hope to see you in those pictures or videos!

Each school has a Jefferson Dollars for Scholars Board Member to contact about the School Drive and answer any questions that Coordinators or Principals may have regarding the campaign and Jefferson Dollars for Scholars in general.

At the end of the School Drive campaign, each elementary school will be able to award a Summer Academic Enrichment Camp Scholarship to one of their students. All middle schools will receive two Summer Academic Enrichment Camp scholarships as well. In addition, every elementary or middle school that raises 100% or more can award an additional camp scholarship to a student of their choice. High schools benefit by receiving ACT and PSAT test preparation classes and college scholarships for their students. Since 2006, all college scholarship recipients are eligible for a refurbished laptop. Our incentives are also listed below as a quick reference.

 The School Drive honors  the founding premise  of Dollars for Scholars: if everyone in the community contributes, then deserving local students  can go to college. The annual School Drive demonstrates that the students and schools are involved participants in Jefferson Dollars for Scholars fundraising efforts and sets the stage for the community-at-large to join in this impactful educational program. 

Incentives and Awards

All participating Jefferson Parish ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOLS receive ONE summer enrichment camp scholarship for a student selected by the school from the criteria suggested by Jefferson Dollars for Scholars.

If an elementary or middle school raises over 100%, they will receive a 2nd scholarship.

If an elementary or middle school raises over 200%, they will receive a 3rd scholarship.

If an elementary or middle school raises over 300%, they will receive a 4th scholarship.


All JPS HIGH SCHOOLS receive college scholarshipsACT/PSAT test preparation, laptops and more!

Additional prizes awarded to Top 2 WINNING SCHOOL COORDINATORS and Top 2 WINNING SCHOOLS!

Prizes and incentives also awarded throughout the school year for funds raised!

















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