Meet our 2022 College Scholarship

Award Recipients


From left to right: Adeel, Bruce (Haynes Academy), Akram, Tooba (John Ehret), Brown, Shania (Higgins High), Chaudhry, Oneeb (Haynes Academy), Do, Anna (Pat Taylor), Erol, Kenan (Haynes), Fields, Caylee (Riverdale High), Fuxan, Lexi (Haynes Academy), Gao, Benson (Haynes Academy), Ghazzali, Adam (Riverdale High), Gooch, Rebecca (Haynes Academy), Hossain, Robayet (Haynes Academy), Johnson, Allie (Pat Taylor Academy), Jones, De'Johne (Cox High), Khan, Ahmed (Grace King), Landry, Hunter (Haynes Academy), Laviolette, Jocelyn (Haynes Academy), Leishman, Madison (Haynes Academy), Martin, Kwinci (Riverdale High), Mohammad, Mahdin (Haynes Academy), Nam, Gayoon (Haynes Academy), Qiu, Lan (Riverdale High), Rahman, Mahir (Haynes Academy), Santiny, Brianna (Grand Isle), Scallan, Victoria (Haynes Academy), Turner, De'Von (Haynes Academy), Vorhoff, Eliette (Haynes Academy), Watkins, Skylar (Haynes Academy). Not pictured: Anderson, Zoe (Haynes Academy), Mohammad, Mahdin (Haynes Academy), Rocha, Giovana (Haynes Academy).

The Class of 2022 received the following Scholarships:

Corporate/Privately Funded Scholarships

Dignity Memorial Scholarships

Entergy Corporation Scholarships

Bruce J. Heim Foundation Scholarships

Jefferson Dollars for Scholars Scholarships

Sun Kim, Kee Lee Family Scholarships

Central City Lions Club Scholarships

Metairie Pontchartrain Lions Club Scholarships

Metairie Bank & Trust Scholarships

Joyce Marsalis Morris Scholarships

Henry and Pat Shane Scholarships
College/University Scholarships

Delgado Community College

Dillard University

Louisiana Tech University

Loyola University

Nicholls State University

Northwestern State University

Southeastern Louisiana University

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

University of New Orleans

Xavier University of Louisiana