Since 1993, Jefferson Dollars for Scholars® has awarded more than $29,000,000, benefiting more than 5,000 public school students.

Dollars for Scholars scholarships are entirely funded by community support. Nationally, Dollars for Scholars began with $1.00 donations and Eleanor Roosevelt gave the first dollars. Jefferson Parish Public School students raise around $45,000 annually through dollar donations during the School Drive.

College Scholarships

Each year, Jefferson Dollars for Scholars awards 100-150 college scholarships to Jefferson Parish public high school seniors, most of whom are first-generation college attendees. Recipients are currently enrolled in almost 50 colleges nationwide, most in Louisiana, and graduates work all over the world. Since Hurricane Katrina, Jefferson Dollars for Scholars has provided its college scholarship recipients with refurbished computers. Since 1993, Jefferson Dollars for Scholars has awarded almost 3,000 college scholarships.

Students attending public high schools in Jefferson Parish may apply for scholarships in the fall of their senior year. Most recipients receive four-year scholarships to Louisiana colleges or universities. These scholarships can be added to TOPS funding and to other scholarships a student may have received. Collaborative relationships between Jefferson Dollars for Scholars and Louisiana universities increase scholarship values for the four years a student attends that specific school. Some scholarships may be used at any accredited college or university. Current scholarship recipients attend 36 colleges and universities nationwide.

Currently, a student must have a minimum of a 3.0 weighted GPA and AT LEAST a 20 cumulative ACT score or higher in order to apply for scholarship consideration.

View our College Scholarships Program fact sheet here.

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Jefferson Dollars for Scholars Scholarships for Class of 2021

When you apply to Jefferson Dollars for Scholars through our one free online application, you can indicate which of these awards you are interested in receiving.  After completing all parts of the application, you must SUBMIT it so we receive it.


Corporate & Privately Funded Scholarships

All Corporate and privately funded scholarships are worth $500.00 per year for a total 4-year value of $2,000.00.


Chef Andrea Apuzzo Scholarship

Atmos Energy Scholarship

Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Scholarship

Capital One Bank Scholarship

Cox Communications Scholarship

Entergy Corporation Scholarship

Fidelity Bank Scholarship

Bruce J. Heim Foundation Scholarship

Jefferson Dollars for Scholars Scholarship

Jefferson Financial Credit Union Scholarship

Lake Lawn Metairie Scholarship

Sun Kim, Kee Lee Family Scholarship

Metairie Bank & Trust Scholarship

New Orleans Baby Cakes Scholarship

Henry and Pat Shane Scholarship


Tulane Legislative Scholarships

The Tulane Legislative Scholarships are 1-year tuition waiver awards.

These are available to students in the legislator's district. Eligible applicants may attend private, parochial or public schools or be a current or transferring to Tulane student.


Senator Conrad Appel Legislative Scholarship

Representative Kirk Talbot Legislative Scholarship


College/University Scholarships

Delgado Community College

Will be posted when confirmed.


Dillard University

5 scholarships for $1,500.00/year for 4 years.  This includes $500.00 from Jefferson Dollars for Scholars and $1,000.00 from Dillard each year.

Total 4-year value $6,000.00


LA Tech University

5 Awards of $2,600.00 per year from LA Tech plus $500.00 Jefferson Dollars for Scholars match.

Total 4-year value $12,400.00


Loyola University  

 10 Available awards are $1,000.00 from Loyola and $500.00 from Jefferson Dollars for Scholars per year.

Total 4-year value $6,000.00


Nicholls State University

Nicholls State University will offer

2 Academic Honor Scholarships   ACT 27, 3.8 GPA

2 Academic Honor Scholarships   ACT 24, 3.0 GPA

10 Academic Honor Scholarships   ACT 23 or lower, 3.0 GPA

And an additional $250.00 per year from Jefferson Dollars for Scholars


Northwestern State University

3 Presidential Honors Awards  

$500.00 per year from Northwestern

Total 4-year value $2,000.00 (ACT 23, 3.25 GPA)


Southeastern Louisiana University

5 Southeastern Scholarship for $1000.00 per year for 4 years, with

$500.00 per year match from Jefferson Dollars for Scholars.

Total 4-year value $4,000.00


Southern University and A&M College (SUBR)

$1000.00 per semester for Honors College students selected for award

Total 4-year value $8,000.00


University of Holy Cross College

4 scholarships for $1,000.00 per year for 4 years.

Total 4-year value $4,000.00


University of Louisiana at Lafayette  

2 Awards of additional $500.00 per year from ULL

Total 4-year value $2,000.00


University of New Orleans

 5 Jefferson Premier Scholarships for $1000.00 first year,

in addition to UNO awards.

Followed by continuing student scholarship eligibility for remaining years.


Xavier University of Louisiana  

 25 Jefferson Dollars for Scholars applicants are eligible for priority consideration for

the next level scholarship at Xavier University of Louisiana.  

Summer Academic Enrichment Scholarships


Jefferson Dollars for Scholars awards summer academic enrichment camp scholarships to public school students in grades K-8, enabling students to participate in enriching summer camp experiences that foster intellectual curiosity. The academic enrichment awards introduce young students to the scholarship concept and provide an early push for post-secondary education. Since the program began in 1993, Jefferson Dollars for Scholars has awarded 2,839 Summer Enrichment Scholarships.

At each school, students are selected by committee, based on criteria determined by Jefferson Dollars for Scholars, to receive this honor.  Please contact your child's school for more information on the selection process at your specific school. 

Enrichment programs include theater, science, art, computer, dance, study skills, music, and student leadership programs available throughout the metropolitan area.

View our Summer Enrichment Programs Fact Sheet here.

ACT Test Preparation


Jefferson Dollars for Scholars "To the TOPS" program helps students gain eligibility for TOPS and has generated a potential $3 million in additional TOPS dollars for Jefferson Parish Public School students. Seniors who participate in "To The TOPS" classes and earn TOPS funding are also eligible to receive laptops.

Free ACT Preparation classes are offered to Jefferson Parish Public High School students on a rotating school-by-school basis each year.  Some of the classes are designed as refresher strategy classes.  Others are 6-week classes focused on the college-bound student just missing TOPS eligibility.  To the TOPS is funded by The Patrick F. Taylor Foundation and taught by Alex Gershanik of The Power Courses. Over the past two years, Jefferson Parish Public School students who have participated in this course have qualified for $3 million in TOPS funding. Please contact your school counselor for more information.